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Watch Other Worlds (D'autres mondes) online

Where to watch Other Worlds (D'autres mondes)
The secrets about unlocking the mysteries of consciousness by plant-drugs. The related chances and risks involved in this shamanism.

Actors: Pablo Amaringo,Guillermo Arévalo,Michel Boccara,J.C. Callaway,Jean Giraud,Alex Grey,Charles Grob,Stanislav Grof,Jan Kounen,Luis Eduardo Luna,Kary B. Mullis,Jeremy Narby,Rick Strassman
Year: 2004
Imdb: click here

" Not only has he presented their world in a very wholesome way but his own comments on his motivations and ceremonies indicate a special sensitivity towards the whole argument and show what kind of a person he is"

Other Worlds (D'autres mondes) trailer