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Watch The Sleeping Car Murder (Compartiment tueurs) online

Where to watch The Sleeping Car Murder (Compartiment tueurs)
Six people travel in a railroad sleeping car from Marseilles to Paris. Upon their arrival, a woman is found dead in one of the berths. The police investigate the other five passengers, suspecting that one of them committed the homicide, but the suspects are killed one by one. The last two must solve the case themselves before they become the next victims. Written bymnfowler

Actors: Catherine Allégret,Jacques Perrin,Simone Signoret,Michel Piccoli,Pascale Roberts,Yves Montand,Pierre Mondy,Claude Mann,Charles Denner,Jean-Louis Trintignant,Nadine Alari,Monique Chaumette,Maurice Chevit,Jacques Dynam,Bernadette Lafont
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" It is filmed in black and white, and is a French police thriller seemingly populated with good-looking and sexy men, which is always an asset for me"

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