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19-year old Masha is a spokesperson in the government friendly and strongly nationalistic Russian youth organization, Nashi. The movement aims to protect Russia against its 'enemies'. Masha was seduced by the high energy of the movement by the age of 15 and has got a lot of benefits in return for her loyalty. But then she starts seeing a group of critical journalists. Among them is the well-known blogger, Oleg Kashin, who compares Nashi with 'Hitlerjugend'. Masha is defending her movement, but she starts recognizing how harassment and dirty provocations against the Russian opposition by 'unknown perpetrators' is going on around her. When Oleg is getting seriously beaten up and nearly dies, Masha has to take a stand for or against Nashi. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Masha Drokova,Oleg Kashin,Viktoria Drokova,Garry Kasparov,Dmitry Medvedev,Boris Nemtsov,Vladimir Putin,Anton Smirnov,Vasily Yakemenko,Ilya Yashin
Year: 2012
Imdb: click here

"Viewers interested to know more of Russia today, and why critics seems so hard on Putin, etc should watch this"

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