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A private investigator (nicknamed Octopus after his long arms) travels to the small town of Angernaud with his bisexual girlfriend to collect the money he spent for the reconstruction of his family grave after it was vandalized by a group of young people. He seeks them out one by one but every time he finds the person dead. When he learns that a drunkard Scotsman, a local celebrity and an extreme right politician are involved in the mysterious deaths and all signs lead to a boat in the harbor, he calls in his sidekick Pedro for reinforcement. Written byMar C

Actors: Jean-Pierre Darroussin,Clotilde Courau,Stéphane Boucher,Julie Delarme,Aristide Demonico,James Faulkner,Jean-François Gallotte,Nicolas Jouhet,François Levantal,Bruno Lochet,Martine Logier,Philippe Nahon,Julien Rassam,Frédéric van den Driessche,Yves Verhoeven
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Le Poulpe is a good movie made on books which aren't always greats"

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