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Watch Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu online

Where to watch Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu
Documentary recounting the life story of Louise Brooks in 5 sections: "Lulu in Toe Shoes"; "Lulu in Hollywood"; "Lulu in Berlin"; "Lulu in Hell"; and "Resurrection". Narrated by Shirley MacLaine and featuring numerous interviews with friends and relatives of the legendary star, it also contains excerpts from many of her films including her first on-screen appearance. Written byvan Goethem

Actors: Louise Brooks,Shirley MacLaine,Dana Delany,Roddy McDowall,Paolo Cherchi Usai,Roseanna Brooks,Margaret Brooks,Jane Sherman Lehac,Adolph Green,David Diamond,Kaye MacRae,John Springer,Bill Klein,Francis Lederer
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" When her silent film 'The Canary Murder Case' was reworked as a talkie, she refused to record talking sequences; we see a clip here, in which Brooks's character is obviously post-dubbed with the voice of a different actress (Margaret Livingston)"

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