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Watch Sexy Nights of the Living Dead online

Where to watch Sexy Nights of the Living Dead
A sailor takes an American businessman and his girlfriend to an island where the businessman wants to build a resort. Soon a weird voodoo couple show up and warn them of bad things that are going to happen. It doesn't take long for the zombies to show up and start chowing down on human flesh. The main characters do manage to fit in quite a bit of sex though. Written byJosh Pasnak <>

Actors: Laura Gemser,George Eastman,Dirce Funari,Mark Shannon
Year: 1980
Imdb: click here

"Oh yea this is a exploitation/zombie/euro trash classic I was wanting this on DVD for years alas I got it yesterday at the amazing Rasputin records in Berkley,CA anyway lots and lots of sex and sleaze I'm talking hardcore sex I have the rated x DVD lets say there is a scene that must be seen a chick has sex with a champaign bottle and uncorks it!Now lets talk about the zombies real quick their cool oldfashiond slow zombi 2 like zombies there is a good amount of zombi action"

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