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The fascinating Grace Herbert has many years' experience as a professional gold-digger. Her finances at a low ebb, she finds her mature beauty less effective than of yore, and takes on impoverished 19-year-old Ellen Daley as an apprentice: "between your youth and my spirit, we can do it." The initially reluctant Ellen soon gets the hang of it. But after the cowboy she falls for proves to be a wealthy rancher, she feels an odd reluctance to mix business with pleasure... Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Kay Francis,James Ellison,Mildred Coles,Nigel Bruce,Margaret Hamilton,Katharine Alexander,G.P. Huntley,Kane Richmond,Stanley Andrews,Selmer Jackson,Marek Windheim
Year: 1941
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"One of the best things about this film is that one of the marks is a rich guy from Chicago, played by the very British Nigel Bruce"

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