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In world-war two,a Soviet naval aviation unit stationed near Murmansk is equipped with torpedo fighter-bombers.Their task is to fight off the German bombers that regularly attack the British Navy convoys en route to Murmansk. The British are supplying the Soviet Union with war matériel under the lend-lease agreement.These supplies are vital to the Soviet war effort against Germany and the German Air Force would do anything to stop the flow of Allied war matériel earmarked for the Soviets.The film captures various events seen from the Soviet(navy fighters),British(navy convoys)and German(bombers)perspectives. Written bynufs68

Actors: Rodion Nahapetov,Aleksey Zharkov,Andrei Boltnev,Stanislav Sadalskiy,Tatyana Kravchenko,Vera Glagoleva,Nadezhda Lukashevich,Vsevolod Shilovskiy,Sergey Bekhterev,Aleksandr Filippenko,Yuriy Duvanov,Yuriy Kuznetsov,Eduard Volodarskiy,Vladimir Baranov,Aleksandr Chaban
Year: 1983
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" You'll feel ruthless horror of war and cold of the Northern seas"

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