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When the police find Dominic Sylvester murdered in his home, they also find something far more sinister among his belongings: an 8mm snuff film made sometime in the 1980s. Sylvester was a bit off-kilter and was living the life of a hermit. As the police look into his background, they find that he once was an avid amateur photographer who had an interest in pornography. He is divorced and his ex-wife has re-married; he is also estranged from his now adult son. Dangerous tries to identify the murdered girl in the snuff film but makes little headway until a lip-reader suggests to him that the girl in the film isn't speaking English. Meanwhile Dangerous' friend Mod finds himself a job in what he grandly calls children's entertainment that leads to a relationship with a rival. Written bygarykmcd

Actors: Peter Davison,Syan Blake,John Harding,Rob Spendlove,Billy Geraghty,Charles De'Ath,Emma Amos,Sean Hughes,Montanna Thompson,Jordan Murphy,Jeff Rawle,John Cater,Celia Imrie,Patrick Harper,Vera Graziadei
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

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