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Insurance salesman Albert Tuttle arrives at the Cyrus J. Rutherford estate to sell the millionaire some life insurance. Rutherford is already dead and his heirs have gathered at the mansion to hear the reading of the will. Rutherford's will won't be read until he is properly entombed and the heirs are forced to stay on the premises or be denied their inheritance. Tuttle soon finds himself mixed up in shenanigans involving Rutherford's niece, secret passages, a missing body and murder. Written byRay Hamel

Actors: Jack Haley,Jean Parker,Bela Lugosi,Blanche Yurka,Lyle Talbot,Douglas Fowley,Fay Helm,Bernard Nedell,Lucien Littlefield,Dorothy Granger,Maxine Fife
Year: 1944
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" I particularly liked the running joke involving the coffee that may or may not be laced with rat poison; by the end of the film, Lugosi's catchphrase line 'Anybody Want A Cup Of Coffee?' has become hilarious through repetition, especially since the dubious-looking coffee is always refused by everyone"

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