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A deranged scientist is using his employer's top-secret bio-laboratory to engage in clandestine eugenics experiments. When he starts kidnapping leading citizens for use in his twisted tests, it's up to rogue cop Mike Halstead to come to the rescue of all and sundry, including his lady friend Connie, who is also being held captive by the madman. Written byAlfred Jingle

Actors: Tony Russel,Lisa Gastoni,Massimo Serato,Carlo Giustini,Franco Nero,Enzo Fiermonte,Umberto Raho,Vittorio Bonos,Aldo Canti,Franco Doria,Margherita Horowitz,Carlo Kechler,Rodolfo Lodi,Renato Montalbano,Piero Pastore
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"I'm still not totally sure of the plot of this of Mad, Mad Planet, and the rather dicey conversion from Italian to English doesn't help much, but it's still a lot of fun"

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