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Watch The Eleventh Year (Odinnadtsatyy) online

Where to watch The Eleventh Year (Odinnadtsatyy)
This documentary film is showing the hard labor of countrymen in industrial production to strengthen the U.S.S.R. economy and turning their country into a world power.

Year: 1928
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"The montage film, put together to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the October Revolution and the progress made in Russia -- although Russia is never mentioned in the titles, only Socialism -- is a carefully edited series of clips intended to show all the wonderful things that the Soviet Union had produced in the first ten years of its triumph -- although at least a couple of the clips seem to date to 1896 actualities on steelmaking in France, and one dramatic moving crane shot is lifted from the series that Billy Bitzer shot at the Westinghouse Plant in 1905"

The Eleventh Year (Odinnadtsatyy) trailer