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Sentenced to death for rescuing mice, swashbuckling cat Pero is evading a trio of bumbling feline assassins when he meets a timid boy named Pierre. Kicked out of home and cheated of his inheritance by his greedy brothers, Pierre joins Pero as a nomad. Arriving in a kingdom, they learn the Princess Rose is to be given to the wealthiest man in the land. Seeing that Pierre is taken with the girl at first sight, Pero presents him as a duke to the royal family. Rose falls for Pierre's gentle ways, but it turns out the dark prince and wizard Lucifier seeks to make the princess his bride and snatches her away to his castle. Can Pero and Pierre overcome this great adversary? Written bycupcakes

Actors: Susumu Ishikawa,Toshiko Fujita,Rumi Sakakibara,Asao Koike,Kin'ya Aikawa,Isamu Tanonaka,Ado Mizumori,Kazuo Kumakura,Yoko Mizugaki,Kenji Utsumi,Shun Yashiro,Kiiton Masuda,Peter Fernandez,Jack Grimes,Gilbert Mack
Year: 1969
Imdb: click here

" Way back when early Japanese cartoonists were inspired by Disney Cartoons to make their own"

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