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An unfocused twentysomething (Peter Fenton) moves in with a former co-worker (Sacha Holder), who is suffering from low self-esteem because of her weight, looks, and a case of eczema. Their relationship is based on unending drink, drugs, and sex. Curiously, though the two are presented in a tender and humorous light that lets the viewer get involved in concerned about their direction. Written byJohn Sacksteder <>

Actors: Peter Fenton,Sacha Horler,Marta Dusseldorp,Ray Bull,Joel Edgerton,Yvette Duncan,Gregory Perkins,Loene Carmen,Skye Wansey,Richard Green,Lynette Curran,Susan Prior,Paul Lum,Fiona Mahl,Damon Herriman
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" I don't know why there aren't more movies like it, really"

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