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During the almost war between Chile and Argentina during the 70's, a Chilean patrol is lost in the limit whit Argentina. Soon they find that an Argentinean patrol is near them in the same situation, so the enemies soon start to act more friendly between them. Written byMonoXX

Actors: Nicolás Saavedra,Erto Pantoja,Miguel Dedovich,Jorge Román,Felipe Braun,Fernanda Urrejola,Pablo Valledor,Victor Montero,Juan Pablo Miranda,Andrés Olea,Luciano Morales,Emiliano Ramos,Diego Quiroz,Martín Lavini,Ezequiel Abeijón
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

" Each one has his own beliefs, and soon we learn that almost none of them has seen combat in their entire life - they're just conscripts"

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