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This remake of West of Zanzibar (1928) made four years later tries to outdo the Lon Chaney original in morbidity. From a wheelchair a handicapped white man rules an area of Africa as a living god. He rules the local natives through superstition and stage magic and he rules the few white people through sadism, keeping them virtual prisoners. He lives for the day he can avenge himself horribly on the man who stole his wife and crushed his spine. Strong and macabre stuff in a nearly forgotten horror film. Written byMark Leeper <>

Actors: Walter Huston,Lupe Velez,Conrad Nagel,Virginia Bruce,C. Henry Gordon,Mitchell Lewis,Forrester Harvey,Curtis Nero
Year: 1932
Imdb: click here

" Lupe Velez was, to me, a very untalented stock actress until I watched her in this tropical human-condition story"

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