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The fraudulent banker receives a Favraux with Judex , signed request to replace his victims the damage , otherwise he would not survive the day . Favraux ignored the message and is then poisoned promptly on the evening held engagement party for his daughter. This is a message from Judex and donates after she learned of her father's secretary Vallières that the banker was a criminal , the whole legacy of welfare. It later turns out that Favraux is not really dead , Judex has him rather dazed and kidnapped to make him pay in the cellars of Château rouge in life-long imprisonment for his crimes . When the criminals pair Diana Monti and Robert Morales learn this, they try to get Favraux in their hands to reclaim the worn out by his daughter assets. The following are involved kidnapping and blackmail , in the course of Judex multiple Jacqueline Favraux must save , where he falls in love and comes with its mission as an avenger in conflict. Written byNTKH

Actors: René Cresté,Musidora,René Poyen,Édouard Mathé,Gaston Michel,Yvonne Dario,Yvette Andréyor,Juliette Clarens,Jean Devalde,Georges Flateau,Louis Leubas,Marcel Lévesque,Olinda Mano
Year: 1916
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" I found her villainess far more watchable than the anemic heroine chosen for the arrogant, vaguely ridiculous hero Judex"

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