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The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly have to worry for the lives of their boyfriends. Jim Loomis and Mike Marsh drive for Pat Cassarian. Jim expects his fiancée Holly, but before she arrives, he dies in a race. Since she hasn't got the money to travel back, she stays. The young and very ambitious talent Ned Arp joins the team and immediately starts wooing Pat's sister Julie. Third in the team is womanizer Dan McCall, who brings with him his current girlfriend Gabrielle from Paris. So the basic theme of this soap is "Who with whom?" Written byTom Zoerner <>

Actors: James Caan,Laura Devon,Gail Hire,Charlene Holt,John Robert Crawford,Marianna Hill,Skip Ward,Norman Alden,George Takei,Diane Strom,Anthony Rogers,Carol Connors,Cissy Wellman
Year: 1965
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" I was taking a class on the films of Howard Hawks, and the professor showed this the first week because it is considered by many to be Hawks' worst film, and the professor didn't want anyone who added the class during the "drop/add" period to miss one of the major Hawks films"

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