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Senator Jay Bulworth is facing speculation-induced financial ruin, so he puts out a contract on his own life in order to collect a large, new insurance policy for his family. Living each moment on borrowed time, he suddenly begins spouting raw, unfiltered--and sometimes offensive in word but satirical in spirit -- thoughts to shocked audiences and handlers in the speech of hip-hop music and culture. His newfound uninhibitedness and new relationship with Nina carry him on a journey of political and spiritual renewal. Written byStuart Hoffman

Actors: Kimberly Deauna Adams,Vinny Argiro,Sean Astin,Kirk Baltz,Ernie Lee Banks,Amiri Baraka,Christine Baranski,Adilah Barnes,Warren Beatty,Graham Beckel,Halle Berry,Brandon N. Bowlin,Mongo Brownlee,Thomas Jefferson Byrd,J. Kenneth Campbell
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Not only for the guts it took to so brazenly confront the modern political process (and how it affects race relations, the film industry, education, medicine, and so on) but also for the fact that he wrote it, produced it, directed it, and starred in it"

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