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Mr. Thank You is the kindly young driver of a local bus traveling from poverty stricken coastal villages, over the mountains, to the town. He thanks everybody when they let his bus pass on the narrow road. Among the passengers is a worldly young woman, who flirts with the driver while trying to put the villagers in their place. There is also an embarrassed mother who is taking her virginal daughter to the train station to be sent to Tokyo, presumably to be sold. Written byWill Gilbert

Actors: Ken Uehara,Ryuji Ishiyama,Einosuke Naka,Michiko Kuwano,Mayumi Tsukiji,Kaoru Futaba,Reikichi Kawamura,Setsuko Shinobu,Kazuji Sakai,Nagamasa Yamada,Kanji Kawahara,Kiyoshi Aono,Shôsuke Agata,Shôtarô Fujimatsu,Masao Hayama
Year: 1936
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" Japanese films of every era focus way too much on just Tokyo that it's easy to forget the rest of the country"

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