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Definitely not to be confused with any of Sylvester Stallone's efforts, this is a wicked satire on 'Rocky IV', in which Rocky takes on the monolithic Russian fighter Igor - and loses. Kaurismaeki describes the film as "my revenge on Mr.Stallone, who I think is an asshole". Written byMichael Brooke <>

Actors: Silu Seppälä,Sakari Kuosmanen,Heinäsirkka,Mato Valtonen,Juuso Hirvikangas,Matti Pellonpää,Jaakko Talaskivi,Sakke Järvenpää,Neka Haapanen,Heimo Holopainen,Asmo Hurula,Jussi Kersch,Marjaana Mykkänen,Aki Kaurismäki,Tiina Tiikeri
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" This turns the film into a prolonged musical montage, which is fitting, when you consider the fact that by the time we got to Rocky III (1982) the series had already descended into a collection of repetitive montage sequences and pop video storytelling"

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