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Where to watch Final Destination 5
In this latest installment to the horror franchise, Sam and his friends manages to escape a ill-fated bridge, thanks to a premonition Sam obtained. However, when 2 of his friends died in a mysterious way, Sam must use his memories from the premonition to save his friends, before death hunts him down. Written byDarryLazakar

Actors: Nicholas D'Agosto,Emma Bell,Miles Fisher,Ellen Wroe,Jacqueline MacInnes Wood,P.J. Byrne,Arlen Escarpeta,David Koechner,Courtney B. Vance,Tony Todd,Brent Stait,Roman Podhora,Jasmin Dring,Barclay Hope,Chasty Ballesteros
Year: 2011
Imdb: click here

" But after watching it, I was surprised"

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