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Idealistic attorney Anton Adam makes headlines when he successfully prosecutes a prominent New York racketeer named Gilmurry. Adam's sudden renown attracts the attention of high-profile legal eagle Granville Bentley, who asks Adam to become a partner in his law firm. But Adam's rising career takes a nosedive when he's framed by Gilmurry and a sexy actress in a trumped-up breach of promise suit. The only constant in Adam's life is the loyalty and unrequited love of his secretary Olga. Written byDaniel Bubbeo

Actors: William Powell,Joan Blondell,David Landau,Helen Vinson,Claire Dodd,Alan Dinehart,Allen Jenkins
Year: 1932
Imdb: click here

" He certainly comes across smart enough to where you can believe he's this intelligent lawyer but he also got a certain charm that makes you like him and there's just a dignity that the actor brings to the role"

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