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Lorenz Lubota is a city clerk with no direction in life. One day on his way to work he is run over by a woman driving a chariot and he is immediately infatuated with her. His life begins to spiral out of control as he searches for this girl and tries to win her heart. Written bypage8701

Actors: Alfred Abel,Frida Richard,Aud Egede-Nissen,Hans Heinrich von Twardowski,Adolf Klein,Olga Engl,Lya De Putti,Ilka Grüning,Grete Berger,Anton Edthofer,Karl Etlinger,Lil Dagover,Heinrich Witte,Wilhelm Diegelmann,Gerhart Hauptmann
Year: 1922
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" It's not up to Muranu's "Nosferatu" or "Sunrise"--but then what is? Well worth seeing"

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