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In the punk rock era of the late 1970s three restless teenagers, two boys and a girl, spend their time in and out of a special class for problem kids. Jussi seldom sees his parents at home, so he is free to indulge in petty crimes, pranks, and getting drunk with his friend Pete. Jussi falls in love with equally rebellious classmate Lissu (Aki Kaurismäki's favourite actress Kati Outinen in her debut role), but the lovers' plan to run away together fails dramatically. Written byMarkku Kuoppamäki

Actors: Esa Niemelä,Tony Holmström,Kati Outinen,Risto Piskunen,Pertti V. Reponen,Amirouche Haleyi,Jari Kähäri,Heikki Komulainen,Anja Suominen,Jukka Suominen,Rolf Labbart,Ola Johansson,Lars Svedberg,Uula Laakso,Ulla Tapaninen
Year: 1980
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" I love the way this movie looks"

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