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An honest police captain named McQuigg becomes a tough rival to a powerful bootlegger named Scarsi, even though McQuigg's pinches never stick because Scarsi and his organization control the corrupt politicians and judges. When Scarsi can't scare McQuigg off, he gets him transferred to a quiet police precinct in the suburbs, but McQuigg continues their war of words via a pair of wisecracking newspaper reporters. Then McQuigg catches a huge break when Scarsi's younger brother gets picked up for a hit and run accident in his precinct, putting in motion a complex plan to bring down the mobster using the reporters, a nightclub singing gold digger, the upcoming elections and Scari's own organization. Written byTimeNTide

Actors: Thomas Meighan,Louis Wolheim,Marie Prevost,G. Pat Collins,Henry Sedley,George E. Stone,Sam De Grasse,Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher,Lee Moran,John Darrow,Lucien Prival,Dan Wolheim
Year: 1928
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" A movie about prohibition and the mafia, made at the same time it was all going on"

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