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Babylon follows the story of David, a working class musician and black man in South East London. By day he works as a mechanic, at night David is a Mic controller at a local dance hall. The film centers around the racial divide of London in the 80's, the lack of opportunities available to black people and poverty. David loses his job, gets beaten up and charged by the police, forcing him to go on the run. Then breaking up with his girlfriend, all of his frustrations culminate in the stabbing of a racist neighbour. Written byJohn Mulholland

Actors: David N. Haynes,Trevor Laird,Victor Romero Evans,Brian Bovell,Archie Pool,Brinsley Forde,Karl Howman,Beverley Michaels,Ann Duncan,Beverley Dublin,King Sounds,Cynthia Powell,T-Bone Wilson,Mark Monero,Vilma Hollingbery
Year: 1981
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" "Fat larry your one crook" "Brixton y'acall dis?" The only OTHER film that has lyrics like this is The Harder They Come"

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