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Watch Pleasures of the Flesh (Etsuraku) online

Where to watch Pleasures of the Flesh (Etsuraku)
After Atsushi commits murder, he is blackmailed into keeping a suitcase full of embezzled money. What follows is a descent into lustful, reckless actions and regret.

Actors: Katsuo Nakamura,Mariko Kaga,Yumiko Nogawa,Masako Yagi,Toshiko Higuchi,Hiroko Shimizu,Shôichi Ozawa,Kei Satô,Rokkô Toura,Fumio Watanabe,Hôsei Komatsu,Akiji Kobayashi,Tôru Emori
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" We see the character hand off money, lots of it, recklessly (which is good to see) for the women he acquires, the most interesting being a wife who is sleeping with him so he can support his husband and children (when he confronts Ashima it's really quite a tense scene, mostly for how seemingly nice or mean he could be in the same breath)"

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