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Berit is a young woman with problems. She is suicidal and depressed. Since it has been impossible for her to live with her mother, she has spent many years in institutions. She has now gotten a job in an industry on the condition that she can live together with her mother again. Their relationship is very tense however. One night at a dance she meets stevedore Gösta. Will he be able to give her the support she needs? Written byMattias Thuresson

Actors: Nine-Christine Jönsson,Bengt Eklund,Mimi Nelson,Berta Hall,Birgitta Valberg,Sif Ruud,Britta Billsten,Harry Ahlin,Nils Hallberg,Sven-Eric Gamble,Yngve Nordwall,Nils Dahlgren,Hans Strååt,Erik Hell,Edvard Danielsson
Year: 1948
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" Eventually, she will learn to have some faith in other people, he will learn to forgive and they will both learn to face the past"

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