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Where to watch Lapland Odyssey (Napapiirin sankarit)
A comedy about Janne, a man from Lapland in Northern Finland, a man who has made a career out of living on welfare. Inari, his girlfriend, is tired of Janne's incapability of getting a grip on life. Janne wasn't even able to buy a digital TV box that Inari had given money for. Inari gives an ultimatum: a digital box needs to arrive by dawn or she leaves. Janne sets out into the night with his two friends to find a box. On their way to the city of Rovaniemi, Janne and his friends face many challenges, obstacles and temptations. They learn that they need to be daring. There's no room to give into bitterness. The most important thing isn't success, but rather the journey in itself. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Pamela Tola,Jussi Vatanen,Jasper Pääkkönen,Timo Lavikainen,Konsta Mäkelä,Sinikka Mokkila,Erkki Hetta,Asko Sahlman,Kari Ketonen,Miia Nuutila,Rinna Paatso,Moa Gammel,Anna-Leena Härkönen,Camilla Jacobsen,Jane Timglas
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

"I recommend this movie to anyone who is trying learn what 'Finland' is all about"

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