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This documentary tells the story of a hotbed of Jewish intellectualism, New York's City College c. 1930, and in particular follows the careers of four of the greatest minds to emerge from that environment. In following the divergent paths of Bell, Glazer, Howe, and Kristol, the film serves as a powerful record both of American intellectual history and of the peculiar role of a generation of Jewish thinkers in riding and shaping that history. Written byBinyamin Appelbaum

Actors: Daniel Bell,Nathan Glazer,Irving Howe,Irving Kristol,Alan Rosenberg
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" If you have read Hanna Arendt's *On Violence* and you wondered why she so pointedly critiqued the methods of the young student protesters (who were as appalled by totalitarianism as she was) this simple, if sentimental documentary goes a long way towards settling the score between 30s and 60s radicals"

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