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Mrs. Topper's friend Mrs. Parkhurst has convinced Mrs. Topper to file for a divorce from Cosmo, due to the strange circumstances of his trip with ghost Marion Kirby. Marion comes back from heaven's door to help Cosmo again, this time only with dog Mr. Atlas. Due to the strange behavior of Cosmo, the judge refuses to divorce them, so Mrs. Parkhurst takes Mrs. Topper on a trip to France, where she tries to arrange the final reasons for the divorce, with the help of a gold-digging French baron. Marion takes Cosmo to the same hotel, to bring them back together and to get her own final ticket to heaven, but the whole thing turns out to be not so easy... Written byStephan Eichenberg <>

Actors: Constance Bennett,Roland Young,Billie Burke,Alan Mowbray,Verree Teasdale,Franklin Pangborn,Alexander D'Arcy,Paul Hurst,Armand Kaliz,Eddie Conrad,Spencer Charters,Irving Pichel,Leon Belasco,Georges Renavent,Asta
Year: 1938
Imdb: click here

" heading to France for a quickie divorce where she falls among thieves: her "friend" and a phony baron"

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