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In a country where 58% of African American 4th graders are functionally illiterate, The Lottery uncovers the failures of the traditional public school system and reveals that hundreds of thousands of parents attempt to flee the system every year. The Lottery follows four of these families from Harlem and the Bronx who have entered their children in a charter school lottery. Out of thousands of hopefuls, only a small minority will win the chance of a better future. The Lottery uncovers a ferocious debate surrounding the education reform movement. Interviews with politicians and educators explain not only the crisis in public education, but also why it is fixable. A call to action to avert a catastrophe in the education of American children, The Lottery makes the case that any child can succeed. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Cory Booker,Geoffrey Canada,Candice Fryer,Gregory Goodwine Jr.,Gregory Goodwine Sr.,Laurie Goodwine,Betsy Gotbaum,Meredith Gotlin,Ameenah Horne,Nadiyah Horne,Joel Klein,Jim Manly,Stephen Morrissey,Eva Moskowitz,Eric Roachford Jr.
Year: 2010
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"With interviews with the movements most important members, like, Geoffrey Canada, founder of a school for underprivileged children in Harlem, The Lottery is as disheartening as it is enlightening"

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