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After incurring the wrath of the mob, a comic flees Detroit for Chicago taking the name "Mickey One" from a stolen Social Security card from a homeless bum he witnesses being beaten up and robbed. As he returns to the stage and becomes successful, he fears that the mob will track him down. He wishes to square himself with the mob, but doesn't know what he did to anger them or what his debt is. Written by<>

Actors: Warren Beatty,Alexandra Stewart,Hurd Hatfield,Franchot Tone,Teddy Hart,Jeff Corey,Kamatari Fujiwara,Donna Michelle,Ralph Foody,Norman Gottschalk,Dick Lucas,Jack Goodman,Jeri Jensen,Charlene Lee,Benny Dunn
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"I saw this movie for the first time in a film appreciation class and at first I was put off by its style and opaque content"

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