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This pioneering nature documentary investigates aquatic habitats in various locations around the world. It doesn't shy away from the brutality present in the natural world, but it also paints a fascinating picture of underwater exploration. Written bym7md yassen

Actors: Frédéric Dumas,Albert Falco,Jacques-Yves Cousteau,François Saout,André Bourne-Chastel,Marcel Colomb,Simone Cousteau,Jean Delmas,Jacques Ertaud,Norbert Goldblech,Fernand Hanae,André Laban,Maurice Leandri,Paul Martin,Denis Martin-Laval
Year: 1956
Imdb: click here

"You'd never see this kind of disrespectful attitude in a National Geographic docu today and in a way it's kind of refreshing to see that these guys are not infallible"

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