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Tycoon John Glidden, dying though still vigorous, is so dissatisfied with his relatives and associates that, rather than will his money to any of them, he decides to give it away in million-dollar amounts to strangers picked from the city directory. He picks a meek china salesman; a prostitute; a forger; two ex-vaudevilleans who hate road hogs; a condemned man; a mild-mannered clerk; a boisterous marine; and an oppressed inmate of an old ladies' home. Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Gary Cooper,Charles Laughton,George Raft,Jack Oakie,Richard Bennett,Charles Ruggles,Alison Skipworth,W.C. Fields,Mary Boland,Roscoe Karns,May Robson
Year: 1932
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" Bennett (father of Joan and Constance) was a veteran stage actor who recognized this role for the plum assignment it was, and threw himself into it with gusto"

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