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An elderly Miss Morrison recounts her life as the once young and beautiful opera singer Marcia Morney-then the toast of Napoleon III's Paris. One evening, she encounters an American voice student, Paul Allison, and the two unexpectedly fall in love. Unfortunately for her, she has already accepted the marriage proposal of her mentor, Nicolai Nazaroff-more out of obligation than any feeling of love for him. As a result, she breaks off her relationship with Paul, and reluctantly marries Nicolai. After 7 years of marriage, Nicolai sets up Marcia for an engagement performance in the United States of the opera "Tsaritsa". Nicolai signs up Paul as her leading partner, not knowing of Marcia and Paul's past. When he realizes what he has done, Nicolai becomes enraged with jealousy... Written byKelly

Actors: Jeanette MacDonald,Nelson Eddy,John Barrymore,Herman Bing,Tom Brown,Lynne Carver,Rafaela Ottiano,Charles Judels,Paul Porcasi,Sig Ruman,Walter Kingsford,Guy Bates Post
Year: 1937
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""Maytime," starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, is perhaps the most beautiful operetta ever made"

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