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Where to watch Vlad Tepes (Vlad Ţepeş)
Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler and Dracula, fights the Ottoman Turks on the battlefield and the Hungarian Boyars in his court.

Actors: Stefan Sileanu,Ernest Maftei,Emanoil Petrut,Teofil Vâlcu,Alexandru Repan,Constantin Codrescu,George Constantin,Constantin Barbulescu,Ion Marinescu,Silviu Stanculescu,Vasile Cosma,Petre Simionescu,György Kovács,Mihai Paladescu,Petre Gheorghiu-Dolj
Year: 1979
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" Stefan Sileanu is nothing less than great in the role of the ruthless, bloody sovereign who defied Church, tradition, and the obduracy of his fractious boyars in order to drive the invading Ottoman Turks under Mahmud II out of his country"

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