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Watch Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires) online

Where to watch Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
In a story interspersed with interview tales of romantic pitfalls, friendship turns to romantic rivalry for gay man Francis and straight woman Marie when a veritable Adonis named Nicolas enters their lives. Sexual tensions mount as Francis and Marie await Nicolas' show of preference. Written bystatmanjeff

Actors: Monia Chokri,Niels Schneider,Xavier Dolan,Anne Dorval,Anne-Élisabeth Bossé,Olivier Morin,Magalie Lépine Blondeau,Éric Bruneau,Gabriel Lessard,Bénédicte Décary,François Bernier,Benoît McGinnis,François-Xavier Dufour,Anthony Huneault,Patricia Tulasne
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

" The viewer must be patient and wait for the second part when the film, in dealing with the repercussions from the narcissism of the first part, takes on depth"

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