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You could say Alex Lippi is a ladies' man but it is not true. Of course he has already wooed and charmed armies of women, young and less young, French and foreign. But Alex does it only on active service. Indeed he is appointed to break up undesired couplings. This time he must prevent a rich young lady from marrying an English millionaire. The girl is beautiful and the future husband a perfect match. Will he manage to accomplish this difficult mission? Written byGuy Bellinger

Actors: Romain Duris,Vanessa Paradis,Julie Ferrier,François Damiens,Héléna Noguerra,Andrew Lincoln,Jacques Frantz,Amandine Dewasmes,Jean-Yves Lafesse,Jean-Marie Paris,Elodie Frenck,Tarek Boudali,Philippe Lacheau,Julien Arruti,Geoffrey Bateman
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

"HEARTBREAKER ('L'ARNACOEUR') is a delightful bit of French fluff, created as only the French know how"

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