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Dizzy society matron Emily Kilbourne has a habit of hiring ex-cons and hobos as servants. Her latest find is a handsome "tramp" who shows up at her doorstep and soon ends up in a chauffeur's uniform. He also catches the eye of her pretty Geraldine. Written byDaniel Bubbeo <>

Actors: Constance Bennett,Brian Aherne,Alan Mowbray,Billie Burke,Patsy Kelly,Ann Dvorak,Tom Brown,Clarence Kolb,Bonita Granville,Marjorie Rambeau,Phillip Reed,Willie Best,Sidney Bracey,Paul Everton,Marjorie Kane
Year: 1938
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"Unlike "Ninotchka" (1939), with its witty innuendos and tight screenplay, "Merrily We Live" is a wacky, completely irreverent screwball comedy, similar to the style of "Philadelphia Story" (1940)or "Bringing Up Baby" (1938)"

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