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Katie, a single mother living in France with her daughter Lisa, struggles to make ends meet while working at a chemical factory. There, she meets Paco, a co-worker from Spain. Soon, they move in together, and Katie becomes pregnant. Katie gives birth to a baby boy, named Ricky, and she and Paco raise him together in their tiny apartment, along with Lisa. However, it soon becomes apparent that Ricky is no ordinary baby; he develops a pair of functioning wings and becomes able to fly. Soon he is flitting about in their tiny apartment, and together Katie and Paco struggle to raise and handle the ever-growing Ricky. Written byAlyssa W

Actors: Alexandra Lamy,Sergi López,Mélusine Mayance,Arthur Peyret,André Wilms,Jean-Claude Bolle-Reddat,Maryline Even,Véronique Joly,Martine Vandeville,Myriam Azencot,Diego Tosi,François Lequesne,Julien Haurant,Eric Forterre,Hakim Romatif
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" It's a waste of an interesting idea, that's for sure"

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