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American Marines storm ashore on a Japanese-held island and push inland while their enemy plans a counterattack, in this look at warfare. Fighting men on both sides are haunted by memories of home and the horrifying, sickening images they experience in combat. Written byMartin H. Booda <>

Actors: Cornel Wilde,Rip Torn,Burr DeBenning,Patrick Wolfe,Jean Wallace,Jaime Sánchez,Dale Ishimoto,Genki Koyama,Gene Blakely,Michael Parsons,Norman Pak,Dewey Stringer,Fred Galang,Hiroshi Kiyama,Michio Hazama
Year: 1967
Imdb: click here

" If you like WWII films and find it at a cheap price, buy it- you won't be disappointed"

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