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Britain, A.D. 117. Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus' legendary Ninth Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the Earth and destroy their leader, Gorlacon. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Michael Fassbender,Andreas Wisniewski,Dave Legeno,Axelle Carolyn,Dominic West,Dhaffer L'Abidine,JJ Feild,Lee Ross,David Morrissey,Simon Chadwick,Ulrich Thomsen,Ryan Atkinson,Paul Freeman,Olga Kurylenko,Jake Maskall
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

" Doomsday was a nice throwback to genre films (even though it didn't really know which one it wanted to be) and now Centurion, which has Marshall tipping his hat to Gladiator and Spartacus"

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