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On May 6, 2002, Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch anti-immigration politician and leader of the opposition, is assassinated. Nearby, photojournalist Jim de Booy is taking pictures of a TV star; he notices odd things and people. Over the next few days, Jim uncovers a conspiracy behind the murder, a plot involving Dutch state security, defense contractors, and shadowy Americans. A key to understanding the plot may be a Turkish woman, Ayse Him, an animal-rights activist recently released from prison. Jim searches for her. State security soon knows of his investigation and that puts him and his 16-year old daughter Marije in danger. How many will die to keep Fortuyn's real killers secret? Written by<>

Actors: Thijs Römer,Tara Elders,Cahit Ölmez,Jack Wouterse,Johnny de Mol,Caro Lenssen,Marcel Hensema,Gijs Naber,Marlies Heuer,Georgina Verbaan,Ariane Schluter,Tooske Breugem,Peer Mascini,Marijke Veugelers,Reinout Bussemaker
Year: 2004
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" It is a very typical Dutch film-too much emphasis on family problems and never ending discussions about understanding each other-, the story though is very acceptingly with the stumbling role of the Dutch version of the CIA (the AIVD)and the political lack of interest in finding out the truth"

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