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Fictionalized account of abolitionist John Brown and his six sons who fought to ensure Kansas would enter the Union as a slave-free state. Firmly believing that he was doing God's work, Brown was prepared to use force and violence to achieve his goals. His principal adversary is Martin White who organizes the raid on the town of Lawrence, burning it to the ground. Brown becomes judge, jury and executioner killing five of the raiders. Several of his sons disagree with him and leave. After completing his work in Kansas, Brown continues his quest to end slavery. His fervent belief that violence was the only way to achieve his goal led to his demise, convicted of treason and hanged after the raid on the federal armory in Harpers Ferry. Written bygarykmcd

Actors: Raymond Massey,Debra Paget,Jeffrey Hunter,Larry Pennell,Leo Gordon,John Smith,James Best,Dennis Weaver,Guy Williams,Tom Irish,James Anderson,James Edwards,John Pickard,Smoki Whitfield,Jack Lomas
Year: 1955
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" Massey as Brown is so dominant in this film that very few others are given much of a chance"

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