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NORTH Following a nervous breakdown, ski athlete Jomar has isolated himself in a lonely existence as the guard of a ski park. When he learns that he might be the father of a child way up north, he sets on a strange and poetic journey through Norway on a snowmobile, with 5 liters of alcohol as sole provisions. On this trip through amazing arctic landscapes, Jomar seems to do everything in his power to avoid reaching his destination. He meets other tender and confused souls, who will all contribute to push Jomar further along his reluctant journey towards the brighter side of life. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Anders Baasmo Christiansen,Kyrre Hellum,Marte Aunemo,Mads Sjøgård Pettersen,Astrid Solhaug,Even Vesterhus,Ragnhild Vannebo,Celine Engebrigtsen,Ole Dalen,Tommy Almenning,Assad Arif
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" Noticing and appreciating life, and accepting what life gives you, and everything that it has to offer is what North is all about"

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