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In an indefinite time somewhere in the Arctic with Soviet soldiers, the nomads Saiva and her stepdaughter Anja are permanently moving seeking a safe place in the arctic tundra. They camp in a remote area far north where Saiva believes they will be safe and survive fishing and hunting reindeer and small animals. Their lives change when Saiva finds Loki, a frozen stranger that is dying in the ice. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Michelle Yeoh,Michelle Krusiec,Sean Bean,Gary Pillai,Bjarne Østerud,Sven Henriksen,Neeru Agarwal,Per Egil Aske,Håkan Niva,Espen Prestbakmo,Jan Olav Dahl,Tommy Silkavuopio,Mark van de Weg,Daniel Wilton,Thor Alexander Gundersen
Year: 2007
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" Had second thoughts before seeing it"

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