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Charles is a young provincial coming up to Paris to study law. He shares his cousin Paul's flat. Paul is a kind of decadent boy, a disillusioned pleasure-seeker, always dragging along with other idles, while Charles is a plodding, naive and honest man. He fell in love with Florence, one of Paul's acquaintances. But how will Paul react to that attempt to build a real love relationship ? One of the major New Wave films. Written byYepok

Actors: Gérard Blain,Jean-Claude Brialy,Juliette Mayniel,Guy Decomble,Geneviève Cluny,Michèle Méritz,Corrado Guarducci,Stéphane Audran,Paul Bisciglia,Jeanne Pérez,Françoise Vatel,André Chanal,Gilbert Edard,Clara Gansard,Jean-Louis Maury
Year: 1959
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" With this, I concluded my nearly two-month tribute to the octogenarian French master that included 27 films (all of them being first viewings!) and I regret not having had more time to revisit some of his other work – particularly A' DOUBLE TOUR (1959), LES BONNES FEMMES, TEN DAYS WONDER (1971) and INNOCENTS WITH DIRTY HANDS (1975)! For the record, I intend to pursue a similar retrospective for Jean-Luc Godard, who will himself turn 80 next December…"

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