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Alan is a Seattle college student volunteering at a crisis center. One night when at the clinic alone, a woman calls up the number and tells Alan that she needs to talk to someone. She informs Alan she took a load of pills, and he secretly tries to get help. During this time, he learns more about the woman, her family life, and why she wants to die. Can Alan get the cavalry to save her in time before it's too late? Written byPat McCurry <>

Actors: Sidney Poitier,Anne Bancroft,Telly Savalas,Steven Hill,Edward Asner,Indus Arthur,Paul Newlan,Dabney Coleman,H.M. Wynant,Robert F. Hoy,Greg Jarvis,Jason Wingreen,Marjorie Nelson,Steven Marlo,Thomas Hill
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" I like what someone else here said - that the film very subtly has a subtext on race (how could a 1960s film showing blacks and whites in the same frame not? How could we as Americans not read race into the film?) while never dealing with race explicitly"

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